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John Deere Lawn and Garden Timeline

John Deere Lawn and Garden Timeline

by Glenn Hartmann and Kent Ortman

*Note* JD110 model # was not intended to reflect engine hp, the JD110 model # was instead chosen to coincide with the "New Generation" 1010, 2010, 3010, and 4010 Ag tractors.

1963 – John Deere enters the L&G market with the 110
  • Variable speed "Variator" drive clutch (standard on all models)
  • "Quick Attach" mower deck and front implement mounting system
  • JD’s rear lift system, "Integral Hitch", accepts Brinly-Hardy style hitch implements
1963 JD110 7hp K-161 Kohler, round fenders (fiberglass), 3 speed Peerless transmission
1964 JD110 8hp K-181 Kohler, round fenders (steel), 3 speed Peerless transmission
1965-1967 JD110 8hp K-181 Kohler, round fenders, 4 speed Peerless trans., hydraulic lift optional beginning in ‘66
1966 - JD60 John Deere's first lawn tractor
1966-1967 JD112 10hp HH-100 Tecumseh, round fenders, 4 speed Peerless trans. , hydraulic lift optional
1968 - New "Wide frame" design (new generation 110,112 share same basic frame attachment points as new 140).
  • John Deere carries this basic frame design up through 1982 into the 300 series tractors and 1987 on 200 series tractors
  • "QA" implement mount system front and rear, Electric front PTO clutch standard on 140.
  • New frame incorporates integral deck pan & fenders, headlights mount in black panel above grille
1968-1974 JD110 8hp K-181 Kohler, 4 speed Peerless trans, variator drive, hydraulic lift optional ’68-‘71
  • 10hp K-241 Kohler optional in (’72-’74), hydraulic lift optional in ’72, electric lift optional (’73-’74)
1968-1974 JD112 10hp HH100 Tecumseh (thru ’71) , Variator drive
  • 10hp K-241 Kohler optional (’69-’71)
  • 12hp K-301 Kohler (’72-’74)
  • electric lift standard (’72-’74)
  • electric PTO clutch standard (’72-’73), manual standard all other years
  • Hydraulic lift optional (’68-‘71)
  • 4 speed Peerless transmission, variator drive
1968 JD140 12hp K-301 JD’s first hydrostat, direct shaft drive, electric front PTO
  • H1 & H3 had single & triple hydraulic spools respectively
  • Shaft driven rear PTO (driven off back of hydrostat) for #33 tiller
  • Disk brakes on each rear wheel
1970-1971 JD120 12hp K-301 hydro, single hydraulic lift (H-1)
1969-1974 JD140 14hp K-321 hydro, Cat-0 3pt hitch optional, (new style hydro with drum brakes ’71-’74)
1975 – Marks the beginning of John Deere’s "Quietline" series (new hood, engine side panels).
  • The 200 Series tractor marked the demise of the 110/112 while retaining many features.
  • The 300 Series of hydrostatic drive tractors carried on where the venerable 140 left off.
  • Headlights are now inset to a full width "light bar".
1975-1987 JD210, 212, 214 (10-14 hp) Vari-speed gear drive, manual lift standard, electric & hydraulic lift optional (replaced 110 & 112)
1975 JD200 8hp K-181, had engine side panels, no hydraulic lift option
1977-1978 JD 208 8hp K-181, no engine side panels, no vari-speed drive, no hydraulic lift option
1979-1987 JD 216 16hp K-341, Vari-speed gear drive, electric & hydraulic lift optional
1975-1977 JD300 – 16hp K-341 dual spool hydraulics standard
1975-1982 JD400 – 20hp K-532QS (the first "Super" Garden Tractor…and it had Power Steering!)
1977-1978 JD312 – 12hp K-301, single hydraulics, no engine side panels
1978-(1 yr) JD316 – 16hp K-341 (replaced the 300) dual spool hydraulics standard
1979-1983 JD314 – 14hp K-321 (replaced the 312), singe hydraulics
1979-1982 JD317 – 17hp KT-17 dual spool hydraulics standard
1983 JD318 – 18hp Onan, power steering, totally different rear frame design, Some would say the best L&G ever built.
John Deere produces its 1 millionth L&G